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Quality Assurance
“Quality assurance, business continuity” is the company‘s permanent business philosophy, the Group companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system, QC080000 hazardous substances process management system, IATF16949 automotive industry quality management system , Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18000 and GJB9001B national military standard quality management system to control; and adopted the German TüV, Switzerland SGS, British ITS and other world-renowned certification company's strict examination. At the same time, it has also passed the safety certification of up to 31 countries and regions and fully guaranteed that various management systems of various companies in the Group can be operated efficiently.
The group in each company for different products to establish the appropriate testing center and laboratory with complete testing and laboratory equipment, as well as the industry's senior quality assurance personnel to ensure that the company's product quality is much higher than the industry average.
Test category Equipment Detect dimensions / achieve results
Environmental testing American Varian ICP715, GC / MS4000, UV-Vis, Japan Shimadzu EDX-720 low toxicity detection equipment The qualitative and quantitative detection of harmful substances
Electrical performance test TDR, N / A (Network Analyzer), Digital Signal Generator, Terminal Cross Section Analyzer, Voltage Drop Tester, Electronic Load, Insulation Resistance Tester Test attenuation, delay, crosstalk, impedance, eye diagram, signal transmission, insulation protection, electrical conductivity, energy loss and other features to ensure HDMI, DVI, RGB, S-ATA, USB3.0, IEEE1394, LVDS high Frequency signal lines and other electrical products
Mechanical test Intelligent Temperature Tester, plug and socket life testing machine, 2.5 times, X-ray film thickness tester, swing test machine, computer automatic insertion and withdrawal testing machine, electronic tensile testing machine, 3D video tester To ensure product life and performance are met, so that product quality is guaranteed in a variety of extreme conditions
Environmental testing Salt spray test machine, ozone aging chamber, vibration tester, thermal shock, constant temperature and humidity, etc. Ensure that products meet the requirements of a variety of harsh environments
Through years of accumulation of practice, so that product quality control and continuous improvement of production technology, product quality has been the trust of customers. Group companies will always uphold the "quality is life, customer-oriented " principle to meet customer demand-oriented, providing solutions to customers with high-quality, low-priced products and comprehensive services.
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