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Research Advantage

The Group has successively established antenna research center ,polymer materials research center, and high-frequency signal transmission research center in Taipei ,Weihai, and Dongguan successively. High-quality research and development team and advanced laboratory equipment are built to ensure the research and development strength of the group living in the industry-leading level.The Group currently holds 295 patents which 249 patents in mainland and 46 patents in Taiwan,and 197 are in applying.

The group has obtained many national product safety certifications such as UL from USA, CSA from Canada, VDE from Germany, TüV from Germany, CCC from China, JET from Japan, and ten safety certifications from EU member countries and has become a member of USB3.1, DDWG, HDMI, DP and other associations. In the field of automotive electronics has a full vehicle, engine, new energy and other high and low voltage wiring harness forward and reverse development capabilities, effectively protect the company's products to enter the international market and has been widely recognized.


Switzerland Speag simulation head assembly

Group companies refers to the international and industry standards combined with customer requirements, also establish and improve corporate and design standards to guide the company's product design and production of the programmatic documents. Aslo we have become one of the first companies having the industry standard. With the continuous development of the company's technical strength, Honglin always sticks to the development philosophy of “Science and Technology as the Forerunner". Through the integration and innovation of technology, it provides customers with the best product design plan and is changing to a technical enterprise.

France SATIMO multi-probe test system SG24L


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